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Exciting display as Devils hit 40

REPORT Tuesday 4th October 2022, 10:06pm

by Mike Hunter

An exciting performance by the Armadale Devils, inspired by their brilliant no. 1 Lee Complin, came up just short of gaining a point, but the Devils did gain their season's highest away score of 40.

Experienced team manager Jason Pipe had taken on the Devils' job tonight and he said "From the start we agreed to work as a team, and I gave Lee Complin the job of looking after the two reserves, and they learned quite a bit off Lee. Kai Ward's score doesn't reflect his effort, he was right up with them and it was just a shame he couldn't have got another couple of points to show for it.

"That would have got us closer to getting a point. It was always going to be hard, but Josh Embleton's r/r rides never got anywhere, and I had expected Elliot Kelly to win heat 14. Unfortunately it didn't happen.

"We took it as far as heat 14 anyway. That was the most the Devils have scored away this season.

"Lee just wasn't having Adam beat him, he was riding the outside like nobody else, my heart was in my mouth watching him! It was like turning back the clock to Sheffield when he went round the outside of Freddie Lindgren in Garry Stead's benefit.

"Danny was very good too, he always seems to come on towards the end of the season. He's a confidence rider and that good home match he had last week helped him today. He said the track was to his liking.

"The Plymouth track was really good tonight. Just unfortunate we haven't got a point but I've got to be happy with 40 points.

"Lee and Danny and Tom all had a few words to the team at the start, making sure everyone was on the right setups, making sure they knew which racing lines to go on. It was a good all-round team performance. I think with a full team we could have won, or at least got a point. A Plymouth fan said it was the best meeting they have had in the National League".

Complin's display was a reminder of just what a talent he is. He was unstoppable round the outside even if he missed the start, and there are not many riders in British Speedway who could ride like that. He beat home star Adam Roynon three times and Adam admitted that he wasn't prepared to risk racing on that line.

Danny Phillips was also excellent with two wins in his 11 point score, while Tom Woolley was as steady as ever. The other main scorer was Elliot Kelly who took a couple of good thirds plus a win in heat 8, but missed out in the important heat 14.

The guest reserves put in plenty of effort and Kai Ward in particular was unlucky not to get more than 2 from his 7 rides.

The Devils took an advantage in heat 1, the first of Complin's five wins, but they were ten down by heat 7. Thereafter they held their own and might have got even closer with a better heat 14 result.

Richard Andrews of the home side was their only man attempting the Complin line and he also had some success in some of the best heats.

Full marks to Plymouth's Live Stream team for their coverage of the match.