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Tom Woolley gates - but he didn't stay there Image Credit: Peter Hill

Another heavy Devils' defeat

NEWS Saturday 16th July 2022, 11:51pm

by Mike Hunter

There was never a realistic hope that the Stellar Devils could gain their first points of the season at a tough assignment at Leicester, but the margin of defeat (25-65) was a bit of a painful one for the West Lothian squad.

New boy Elliot Kelly earns the Devil of the Match trophy for his race win in heat 14, a reward for tenacity as he stuck to his task after a couple of earlier falls.

The racing was not without interest as the Devils, especially Lee Complin and Danny Phillips, quite often arrived at the first corner ahead. However they never maintained their advantage for long.

Home heat leaders Alfie Bowtell (guest), Joe Thompson and Connor Coles were all unbeaten, and the younger members of the home side also did well. The Devils aspire to something similar but they are a long way away at the moment.

Armadale move on to Mildenhall for their next meeting tomorrow.