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Two In - Two Out For Stellar Devils

NEWS Tuesday 21st June 2022, 5:30pm

by Graham Muncie

Still in search of their first league points of the season the Stellar Devils have called for reinforcements with the introduction to the side of Lee Complin and Elliot Kelly.

With two new faces in it means that two must depart and it is William Lawson and George Rothery that make way, the latter having decided to take a break from the sport.

The two new arrivals are of course on the opposite ends of the spectrum experience-wise with 37 year-old Complin, having made his return to the sport this year after a decade's absence, keen to get started and help the Devils break their duck. The former Sheffield academy graduate said, "Originally the plan was to join the Devils to get extra rides alongside Newcastle but obviously that isn't the case now so I am just happy to be able to keep riding. I've always liked Armadale and I think I got something like 6 points there for Newcastle earlier in the season in what was my first visit in 11 years, so I am looking forward to riding it more.

"I have plenty of experience so I can give the other guys help and advice but I can't ride the bike for them so I'll help where I can but if I score the points and help build the team morale then I'll be doing what I was brought in to do. Some clubs don't have any morale in the pits, and you see that on track, that will never be the case if I can help it. I know the Devils maybe haven't been doing too well but there is still time, and I will be coming in and doing everything I can to help."

Yorkshire born 18-year-old Elliot Kelly is at the other end of the scale career-wise but does bring winning pedigree to the Devils having been part of the Mildenhall side that swept to National Development League glory last year. Kelly raced to a very impressive 9+2 score from a reserve berth on his last visit to Armadale and more of the same will do nicely as Kelly looks to reignite his speedway career after originally stepping away from the sport at the start of the year.

Both Complin and Kelly will have a little bit of a wait before making their Armadale Stellar Devils debuts with the next Devils fixture being the visit of Kent on July 15th at Armadale Stadium.

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