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Danny Phillips battling manfully to catch Nathan Ablitt Image Credit: Ian Charles

Troubled night for the Devils

NEWS Saturday 28th May 2022, 0:05am

by Mike Hunter

The Armadale Devils took a severe beating at the National Speedway Stadium, going down 69-21 which probably sets a record or two.

Problems started in the build-up to the event with Covid rearing its head in the cases of William Lawson (suspected) and Gregor Millar (confirmed). George Rothery wasn't fit either so Connor Coles, Kyran Lyden and rider replacement plugged the gaps.

The Colts are a very strong lineup now and proved much too good for the Devils. The points gained by the visitors came in the early heats, second places for Lyden and Coles, and a couple of shared heats.

From a position of 29-13 down at heat 7, Belle Vue then took 8 successive 5-1s to complete the drubbing. Danny Phillips lost a point when he fell in second place in heat 11, but otherwise it was a tough learning experience for the visitors.