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Lewis Millar joins the 2022 Devils

Lewis Millar Makes Four

NEWS Monday 14th February 2022, 1:30pm

by Graham Muncie

Four down, three to go as the 2022 Armadale Devils are delighted to announce another returnee from the 2021 side in the form of local lad Lewis Millar.

Falkirk born Millar was an ever-present for the Devils last time out and with a full year under his belt in the third tier, Millar is looking to use that experience to kick on in 2022, "I am looking forward to it this year, I have a bit more experience now after last year so I know what it is all about this time.

"I know people could say I had some experience with Stoke before last year but I only did two matches with them so last year was really my first. I am looking forward to kicking on and using that to my advantage.

"It will be good to build some more momentum this year with the fixtures. Last year you could have a meeting or two then have 6 weeks off whereas this year it looks better spread out so it will be good to get that consistency and that consistency of the level of opponents. Last year I would still be doing second halves when the Devils weren't racing but it's not the same as the competitiveness of the league."

All four of the riders announced so far for the 2022 campaign will be known to the fans on the terraces, all having been a part of the 2021 septet also and this is something Millar thinks can only be an advantage, "The pits were great last year, it was a good place to be, we had a lot of fun so I am glad that a lot of the guys are back.

"We all know who each other are now and to help each other out so that will help as well.

"The aim for this year is to go better than last, at one point last year we were in third and that was exciting so I want to keep that up this year. If we can hit that kind of form and make sure we don't drop any points at home then see what we can do away then that will be a good season."

As the local lad in the side Millar a lifelong fan of the Devils senior counterpart Monarchs is determined to do well as he lives what he would freely admit is his speedway dream, "Being the local kid, it does add a little bit pressure although not from the fans or management it's from myself.

"I want to do well in front of my home crowd and on the track I have grown up on so each time we have a home meeting it makes it that bit more special than when you are down at a Mildenhall or somewhere where you don't really know anyone. When you get that home track advantage it definitely brings something else out of you."

With that in mind Millar also casts an eye towards the Monarchs Academy and the mini-track that adorns the centre green at Armadale Stadium with Millar having a special reason to take an interest this year, "I had a few shots on the mini track last year and really enjoyed that so I will be there to help out when the Devils aren't racing. My little cousin is getting involved now as well so I will definitely be there to help him along."

So, it already looks like the next generation from the Millar family tree has the speedway bug and who knows what a big year in the NDL for Lewis could do for showing those kids what is possible in their future.

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