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George Rothery with teammates Tom Woolley and Danny Phillips

Rothery Next Up

NEWS Thursday 10th February 2022, 12:00pm

by Graham Muncie

Another returnee to the Armadale Devils line-up for the 2022 season is the always exciting George Rothery!

Rothery was perhaps the most enthralling individual on track for the Devils last year as he burst onto the scene with double digit returns in each of his first 3 matches. Quite literally an up and down season would follow as Rothery's rawness would lead to more time hitting the track than all would have liked but that is all marked down as experience for the Cumbrian racer as he looks forward to being back at the 'Dale for the year ahead.

"I'm definitely glad to be back, I've really been missing being on the bike as I haven't had a chance to practice yet either. I'll be getting plenty of laps in before the start of the season though and I can't wait to be back with the Devils.

"I learned a lot last year; I think some forget it was really my first year at this level, so I learned a lot on how to get ready for a match and what is needed during it and things like that.

"Obviously I had too many falls last year and that's not good for anyone so this year I'll be working on that. I now know that sometimes just waiting a bit or even just picking up the points of the position I am in is more valuable than going for the win and falling off."

Of course that won't stop the showman style that Rothery has, tassels flowing from the back of his kevlars as he throws the bike into the corners with his usual abandon. The soon to be 24 year old thinks a big year is ahead for the Devils, "Last year we maybe weren't expected to do much and I think we surprised a few finishing 5th and I think we were in 3rd at one point.

"If the team is similar to last year then we all will now have a year of experience under our belts and I think we can go better than last year that's for sure."

The rest of the Devils will be unveiled in due course, but Rothery is looking forward to getting back into the pits with the boys in a few short weeks, "It was a great atmosphere in the pits last year and I am delighted to see Danny and Tom are back as well as I really enjoyed being in the team with both of them."

As so many from his part of the world seem to be, Rothery is a laid back character and generally takes things as they come and when asked if he has set himself any targets for the year ahead he was as nonplussed as they come, "Not really, I just want to keep having fun, as long as I am having fun and things are working then I know I'll do well... actually, there is definitely one thing and that's to stay on the bike more!"

With the talent Rothery undoubtedly has, more time on the bike and less on the shale sounds like a good recipe for a big year for him and the Devils with the season now only 8 weeks away!

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