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Kent visited in August in the Championship Image Credit: Jamie Kenny

Devils host Royals for the first time

NEWS Thursday 16th September 2021, 9:00am

by Mike Hunter

The Stellar Devils take the stage at Armadale on Friday as they resume their National Development League campaign by taking on the Kent Royals at 7:30.

Kent have run a team at this level since 2013 and even though they moved up to the Championship with the Kings' team this season, they have maintained the NDL side as well under the new team name of 'Royals'.

They are doing very well in the league table though they have had to call in a couple of guests for this match, including former Monarch Connor Coles.

Kent has always been a strong area for grasstrack racing and have brought several young riders in from grass and long tracks to populate their team. It should ensure some lively action as they tackle Armadale!

The Millar brothers are looking forward to the match to assist with their development and elder brother Lewis said "It has been good getting the track time in the second halfs but I am looking forward to getting a proper meeting back at Armadale. It is totally different when it is a National League match - obviously Gregor and I are always trying to beat each other and egg each other on when it is a second half, but it is different when it is 4 people going for that first corner in a league match, it is definitely more competitive."

As with all Armadale matches this season Friday's match will be Live Streamed, however the stream will be available only to those outwith a 25 mile radius of the track. Anyone within that limit but unable to attend should email


Friday 17th September: Armadale Stellar Devils v Kent (National Development League), Armadale, 7:30pm

STELLAR DEVILS: Rider replacement for Nathan Greaves, Gregor Millar, Tom Woolley, George Rothery, Danny Phillips, Gavin Parr (guest), Lewis Millar.

IWADE GARAGE ROYALS: Connor Coles (guest), rider replacement for Ryan Kinsley, Ryan Terry-Daley (guest), Jacob Clouting, Alex Spooner, Vinnie Foord, Josh Warren.