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The new-look Stellar Devils Image Credit: Jack Cupido

Called off after two heats

REPORT Friday 2nd July 2021, 9:47pm

by Mike Hunter

The weather across Central Scotland turned unpleasant at just the wrong time with the result that the intriguing NDL match between the Dale Devils and the Leicester Cubs had to be abandoned after only two completed races.

Riders came out for heat one without a parade because the dark clouds were around, and what a cracking opening race we saw. Dan Thompson (with three successive double figure scores at Championship level) gated confidently and led the way, but it was obvious right away that Nathan Greaves wasn't settling for second. Thompson blocked his first couple of attempts to burst through but Greaves moved out a little, cut back and stormed through to the front.

Next up was Archie Freeman's debut for the Devils, and he smoothly raced ahead, but team mate Lewis Millar in attempting an inside pass on the opening lap, brought down himself and Mickie Simpson. Freeman led all the way in the rerun, Simpson took second but Kai Ward stopped at the gate.

The rain was already falling but we saw another interesting battle on the opening lap of heat 3, with Phillips moving inside Spencer on lap one, Spencer then falling. The visitor was excluded, but the rain was now much heavier, and after a delay to see if it passed, the match was abandoned with the score sitting at 7-4.

It would be hard to imagine anyone arguing, and certainly it was raining all the way back to Edinburgh. All customers either at the track or on the Live Stream will be contacted shortly to ensure no-one loses out.