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Danny Phillips, Nathan Greaves and Tom Woolley

Introducing the Armadale Stellar Devils - Part 1

NEWS Wednesday 28th April 2021, 7:30pm

by Mike Hunter

A new era for Armadale Speedway opens up this weekend with the Stellar Devils due to feature in the first match of the 2021 season when they visit Berwick on Saturday.

Over the next couple of days we will give you a short introduction to your Devils on the website. Today we start with the three highest average men in the Devils' team: Nathan Greaves, Danny Phillips and Tom Woolley.

The most experienced of the Devils is NATHAN GREAVES who of course is also in the Monarchs' septet. Nathan has ridden in more than 200 matches in the top two leagues even though he is still only 23. He is expected to be one of the top riders, maybe the top one, in the National Development League.

Looking forward to the Practice on Friday and the first match the next day he said "I can't wait like probably most riders can't. I think it's 18 months since I did my last meeting. Berwick's a track that I like so if we can go there and get a win with a good meeting for myself then I'll have started as I mean to go on!

"I remember when I started out when I was 15 and the captain of our team always helped me, so if I can help any of our young lads who are just starting then it's a pleasure for me to do that and I'll be happy to do it.

"I've been riding with Tom and Danny for a long time now and I'm sure they will pass on any knowledge they have as well, the three of us trying to help the four young lads will be good. I'm really looking forward to it and I hope we can win some matches and win some silverware as well.

"It will be good having a practice the day before the first match so everybody will be nice and fresh – I'm sure everyone will be looking forward to that, I know I am."

24 year old DANNY PHILLIPS from Middlesbrough has had lengthy spells in the Championship with Newcastle and Scunthorpe, and he echoed what Nathan said about passing on that experience.

He said "I've always liked Edinburgh, it hasn't been my most successful track but I like riding there. It's a technical track and one that I'd like to be able to ride."

Friday's practice will be the first chance for the whole team to get together but he added "I've done a couple of practises recently with Gregor, and I've known Nathan for a long while. I haven't really ridden with Tom Woolley but I've ridden against him and I get on well with him.

"I think the match at Berwick will be a good meeting, a hard match I think because I know Berwick have got a very good side. But I think we will put a good performance in, you can't ask any more than that.

"Between me, Tom and Nathan we have experience and if anyone else is struggling we will help them out. I've put a lot of effort into my gating in the last couple of weeks so I am hoping that will be good."

TOM WOOLLEY is the oldest team member at 27 and has ridden much of his career at Buxton, sadly not involved in League speedway now. He is relishing having Armadale as his home venue.

"I've been to Armadale two or three times I think. Growing up on Buxton, it's not such a different track from there.

"Nathan, myself and Danny are definitely the most experienced in the team. I'm not going to say that we will be scoring all the points but we should be helping the rest of the team to score points, and passing as much of our knowledge on as we can.

"I don't know the northern riders in the team so well. I've ridden with Nathan a lot including the time I was at Redcar. I don't know Danny personally yet but I have raced against him."

Tom's time at Redcar in the Championship was during the 2019 season, "I loved every minute of it. I hadn't picked up a ride at all in 2019 but I got a call from Redcar in June I think, out of the blue. It came as a bit of a shock and was a massive learning curve right from the first race. Heat one against Glasgow I think I got thrown into! From being off the bike for eight months to riding in the Championship – but I learnt so much that year and the guys were brilliant. They taught me so many details, and everything I've learnt I just want to pass on to other people really."

Looking forward to the weekend he added "I've ridden at Berwick a few times – I think they will be strong at home. It will be nice to get a practice on Friday before going there. If we all do our job it will be a good meeting. I'm really looking forward to it and we are in for a good year!"

TOMORROW – meet Lewis, Gregor, George and Sheldon!

Live Stream

You can watch the opening Armadale Devils home fixture against Berwick Bullets live on EMTV on Friday 7th May from 7:30pm.

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